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The Pitch

The 300 Billion Dollar International Horse Industry just got a new Driving Force!!

Horses of the Yellowstone Inc is a newly minted “one of its kind” Montana Ranch Horse Venture with a recreational twist offer. We have assembled the Finest Ranch Horse genetics over 5 generations (since 1887) to create the very first public offered Ranch Horse Breeding through Marketing of World Class Elite Ranch Horses on the International stage. As Seabiscuit owner Charles Howard once said, “This should not be only for the rich, everyone should be able to be part of this”. We will offer inexpensive shares so all can be part of this adventure. In addition to owning a slice of the pie you’re all invited to actually come, ride and participate in the Western Ranch Lifestyle. We offer ranching adventures and bunkhouse lodging (if available) at no cost other than being shareholders. This is a chance to be part of a Montana Horse Ranch without having to be a Multi- Millionaire.

Please contact us to be placed on the non-binding wait list or for more information:

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The Offering


Horses of the Yellowstone is a new Horse Ranching Venture that breeds, raises, trains, and markets World Class Ranch Horses to high end buyers on the International stage. It is located in the “Heart of Montana” range country. The Ranch has breathtaking panoramic views of eight different mountain ranges and is situated on the rugged Judith River Breaks. This is Charley Russel Country and part of the Big Horn Sheep hunting district of 482.





The Ranch has assembled the finest Ranch Horse genetics available over five generations, since 1887 of striving for the absolute best and getting it.

Then we couple these superb horses with accomplished western horse trainers to provide the most demanding horse buyer with the ultimate World Class Performance or Ranch Horse money can buy.

While the concept of developing a vehicle to enable an outside individual, living anywhere on the planet Earth, to be able to invest and participate in a topflight horse enterprise is new, the various facets that make up the enterprise are far from new. Horses of the Yellowstone is the culmination of generations of the Montana Horse Culture. Where the young literally grown up in the saddle. When these youngsters are barely able to hold their baby bottle, they sit in front of their parents in the saddle, moving herds of cattle across vast rangelands. By the time these little ones can walk and understand what you are saying they become part of the ranch crew, mounted on a “babysitter” old, trusted ranch horse.








This start at such an incredible young age develops a knowledge base so deep that it is unequalled to any type of formal training later in their years.

Now we combine this deep instilled knowledge of horsemanship with the finest Ranch Horse genetics in existence and we end up with a winning combination. A “Dream Team” of horse and rider.

That’s what we do at Horses of the Yellowstone we make “Dream Teams”.


The Market

We horse lovers are all aware of the interest in horses and the outstanding demands for trained horses everywhere. These normal backyard trained horses will sell in today’s market for easily $10,000. and sometimes a lot more if it’s a really sharp horse and a good buyer. The elite market is very different. The affluent high income international horse enthusiast looks at a horse the same as a sports car. They want high performance, beauty, and ease of handling. Just like a sports car, and they expect to pay well for these very special items of luxury. That’s what we are in the business of doing, we make and offer these high-end buyers with a “sports car” that eats hay rather than gasoline.



There are many “Horse Whisperers” out there selling their own brand of snake oil. Some are real, but the vast majority are people that while they may mean well just do not have the accrued generational knowledge required to breed, raise, train, and market a horse that would be considered a “World Class Horse”. We do have the know-how and the ability to make and train this type of horse, and you are invited to be part of this adventure!!!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a “first choice” elite Horse Ranch producing World Class Western Horses to be presented and marketed to affluent horse enthusiasts Worldwide. When these buyers think of purchasing a horse, they first think of Horses of the Yellowstone. We want an immense cadre of supporters i.e.: public investors to assist us in achieving this goal!

We offer interested people the ability to become part of this no matter where you reside.


  • The International Horse Industry is a $300 Billion-dollar Industry.

  • The American Horse Industry is a $122 Billion-dollar Industry

  •  The American Horse Industry is 10 x larger than the NFL which is a $12-Billion-dollar Industry.

  • The American Horse Industry is 4 times larger than the American Tobacco Industry.

  • It employs 1.7 million people.

  • 1.6 million households own horses.

  • 1/3 of Americans consider themselves a horse enthusiast.

  • 50% of horse owners have an annual income of $100,000. or more.

  • 60% of horse owners work in Managerial positions.

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Here’s what we can offer to the everyday horse lover:

Seabuiscuit owner Charles Howard once said "this should not only be for the rich, everyone should be able to be part of this".

  • A chance to own stock in this one-of-a-kind venture that’s right. No other companies of this type exist anywhere in the US or the entire world!!!

  • A normal person can own & participate in a Montana Horse Ranch without being a multimillionaire.

To shareholders we offer an invitation to come and visit, ride a horse in an arena, maybe ride across endless miles of pristine Montana Rangeland or perhaps experience a cattle drive or branding. Maybe take a ride into the Montana mountains or wilderness

These activities are there for you as a shareholder free of change although some require a larger stake in the company. Regardless of how large your share holding you are always welcome to visit and ride your investment.

All shareholders will be notified when the horses will be shown, compete in a Western event, or will be offered to the public for sale. Many sales are televised, and you are invited to attend. It’s very exciting to witness a horse that you have stake in sell to an affluent Celebrity buyer.

If you are a person that really wants to improve your riding skills or even are beginner, that’s great, we offer western riding lessons from beginner to advanced free of charge to shareholders.

Many people dream of owning a Montana Horse Ranch but will never be able to fulfill that dream. At Horses of the Yellowstone we are providing you with the opportunity to own stock in this “one of a kind” Western Horse Ranch at an extremely affordable cost.



We are not a Dude Ranch or a Theme Lodge, so we do not offer 5 star lodging however, we many times have a bunkhouse that is available free of charge. It is clean, cozy and pretty darn cute for you to stay. When the sun comes over the Moccasins Mountains you can see horses running through the hills and breaks, not a bad site to wake up to.

The Views

Bally with horses looking west from rd.jpg

The individual investors have the option to recieve regular dividends or may choose to donate thier dividends to the Foundation to support the children of Fallen Warriors. To reiterate: We project a 50/50 ratio of sale horses and program horses.

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The Plan

Our plan is simple and straight forward:

We want to take 150 years of accrued generational knowledge of western horsemanship to produce, and market the top Western Trained Horses to the most demanding horse buyer Worldwide.

We need and want you, the average horse lover, to participate in this exciting and dynamic venture. We are offering shares at very affordable prices and are offering our western hospitality to come along

“Ride the West”.

The Brand

We own the “Y” brand of the Yellowstone, and it is recorded with the State of Montana.

The Horses

The horses of the venture have been bred since 1887 of genetic evolution (no we did not come from monkeys). The bloodlines represent numerous National and World Champions.

“Blackjack” a 6-year-old Quarter horse gelding was produced by the Ranch and was ridden by Jerome and used as a cow horse on the Ranch. The daughter of friend was big into working cow horse competitions. Her horse had become injured, and she wanted to buy Blackjack, 6 weeks later in Oklahoma City she won the World Champion Team Penner title. With no additional training Blackjack was at that level of performance. Many of our horses have excelled in similar National competition.

Well before Covid we had a licensed Horse Appraiser from California traveling through Montana and asked if he could view our horses as he had heard many stories about their quality and distinctive look. I said we would be honored to show them off. He spent the afternoon studying the herd. He looked us in the eye and said he had never seen an entire herd of such high quality. He said California had nothing to compare with these animals. I asked him to do an informal appraisal as to their value. He stated that any member of the broodmare band would top any West Coast sale and would sell for a minimum of $25,000. It is noteworthy that horses have appreciated probably 300% since that time.

We were asked by a Horse Trainer from England if she could view the horses as she had learned of our genetics in England. Of course, we were honored and took her and her American friend on a long mountain trail ride. This American friend was a National Horse Sale Manager from Colorado. She said that our horses are known nationwide and are highly respected as reputation horses.

All these happenings and many more are the drivers for us to create Horses of the Yellowstone.

We are a “lone wolf” as we are the only public offered Western Ranch Horse venture there is anywhere. Yes, there are Racehorses that offer stock available and that may be an option for some people. Horses of the Yellowstone breeds, raises, trains and markets elite horses Worldwide and guess what, you can come to the gorgeous state of Montana and ride your shares on the range.

 That’s beyond cool!!!

Jerome on Wrangler.jpg

Financial Narrative

Horses of the Yellowstone Inc. is a newly minted Montana Corporation that will be devoted solely to horses. It was formed to meet the demand for these World Class horses. It will not be part of the cattle ranching, land ownership or anything that is not purely horse focused. All ownership of the of the Ranches horse herd has been transferred to Horses of the Yellowstone. Horses of the Yellowstone will operate independently with no obligation to any other venture.

Horses of the Yellowstone will expand its current broodmare band to 40 head of select broodmares to produce 30 to 35 colts per year. The goal is to produce 25 head of elite trained horses yearly. We project ¼ will be exported into the International market and the remainder sold in the US and Canadian market. The remaining approximately 8 to 12 animals will enter the breeding herd as replacement broodmares or sold as youngsters. As markets expand, so will Horses of the Yellowstone. The $300 Billion dollar international horse industry affords unlimited growth potential.

The top end horse market commands substantial value with prices. In the $100,000. plus, area. This is our target market and the focus for the Venture.

 Even in our local Montana horse market we have just seen a palomino ranch stud horse sell for $147,000. at the Billings Livestock Sales ring on February 24, 2024. In Helena Montana on August 2, 2023, we watched as 26 horses sold for an average price of $104,880. and the top 6 animals brought an average of $187,500.

Last summer ROYAL SISSY IRISH was a “no sale” at an Oklahoma auction for $490,000. as the owners felt she was worth more!

The VS Ranch dispersal sale due to a family tragedy sold all of its 26 horses of all ages at public auction. In August of 2023 the sale averaged $197,000. per horse for a total of $5,120,250.

We could fill a book with similar stories; however, the results will be the same. The Elite Luxury Horse market is akin to the Luxury Sports Car market as both appeal to similar types of buyers.

In short, Horses of the Yellowstone makes and markets superb horses to the wealthy international horse lover that are accustomed to buying and owning the Best.


Financial Projections

 Yearly Projected Income

Elite bred and finished horses.                      Sell 25hd x $80,000.= $2,000,000.

Young horses                                                     Sell   5hd x $8,000.=         $40,000.  

3 stallions standing at stud, 60 total breeding’s                                        $45,000.


Yearly Projected Expense

Hay                                          365 ton                                                             $46,000.

Feed                                          50 ton                                                              $20,000.

Vet and Health                                                                                                  $12,000.

Equipment                                                                                                          $6,000.

Rent/ lease     (facility and pasture)                                                             $72,000.

1 manager/trainer                 $100.                                                              $100,000.

2 full-time trainers      Salary $100,000. x 2 =                                        $200,000.

                                    Includes employment costs and insurance.

1 office worker                       $50.                                                                   $50,000.

Driver/Stable-boy or girl         $50.                                                              $50,000.

1 laborer                                                        

Misc. Operating                                                                                               $60,000.

    Fuel, phone, travel, Lodging, fees, etc.                              

                     TOTAL EXPENSE                                                               $616,000.

NOTE: The projected profit and loss

Full price projection               -25% Sale Price Reduction     -50% Sale Price Reduction

$2,085,000.                                         $1,563,750.                                         $1,042,500.

   $616,000.                                            $616,000.                                             $616,000.

$1,469,000. NET                                  $947,750. NET                                  $426,500. NET

Valuation March 1, 2024

Horses of the Yellowstone Inc.

We have a 50-year lease on over 12,000 acres of private and State of Montana rideable property of some of the most breath-taking Montana range anywhere. It is a “Heaven on Earth” place for a horse and rider. The lease cost is $6,000. per month

The popular Yellowstone brand “Y” is owned by the Company and its ownership is recorded by the State of Montana, maybe you can ride with Rip (just kidding).

20 elite broodmares to foal in May of 2024 and then shall be remated for 2025 foaling.           

Value $1,800,000.

20 young horses at varied ages.

                        Value  $400,000.

8 horses at varied stages of training

                        Value $240,000.



Posing for a picture after runnng in the creek with the mares.

Stallion "Cowboy" 

6666's SMART TOPAZ was by far the top colt of the 6666's  2015 production. He is sired by the $18 million dollar sire WR This Cats Smart and a Paddys Irish Whiskey dam.

Cowboys dam is probably the best broodmare of AQHA President Stan Weaver's entire broodmare band. Weaver Miss Cowgirl is sired by Cowboys Frenchman. Topaz Cowboy is pure Quarter Horse Royalty. 

           Value $100,000.


"Don't just look at me! Turn me out with my mares" or at least that's what we think he is saying.

Jubal head shot.png

Stallion “Jubal”

 The legendary Doctor Glen Blogget, horse manager of the 6666's horse division spent a good while looking at this gorgeous black stud colt with me. I asked Dr. Blogget if he knew of a better stallion prospect anywhere. He said in his slooow Texas drawl that there may be some as good but none better. That sealed it, we went home with Jubal and Doc Blogget took home Jubals black sister for the 6666's breeding program.

Jubal is out of legendary sire IMA TUFF LENA and perhaps the best son is out of a DOC IMA LEO mare. Jubal looks like the “Black Stallion" and puts a distinctive baby doll head on his progeny. He is absolutely beautiful in a studly kind of way.

Jubal’s sister IMA TUF MISSY is a world champion.

                Value $100,000.


Jubal and Glen Blogget.webp

Dr Glen Blogget (manager of the 6666's horse division), 

Nancy and Stan Weaver, Jubal and two generations of Stenbergs.


Stallion “Doc”

A TARI CROSS the own son of DOC A TARI and his best son by far. A legendary stallion that instills “mind” and “cow” in his progeny. We were very blessed when we were able to purchase this incredible stallion as baby. Many of our horses carry his bloodline. Doc is retired from breeding now, but he is of high value to just watch him in the pasture.
He is a living legend.

Saddles and Horse stuff and supplies                           $25,000.

Horses of the Yellowstone “Y” brand                           ?

150-year reputation and Montana location                         ?

New 6,400 square foot Stable                                                 ?

with guest bunk house.

Purchased materials onsite                                             $     125,000.

TOTAL VALUE TO DATE                                          $2,790,000.

We are actively soliciting investors to enable us to put our plan into action.

Funds needed:

Minimum 1,000,000. – max allowed by SEC reg CF              $5,000,000.

  • Funds to search out specific genetically superior to expand our broodmare herd.

  • Add needed facilities. Such as finish stable, pens, and overall infrastructure.

  • Operating expenses.

Build a 6,400 square foot stable with 2 bunk house apartments for visitors.

The majority of the funds to build the stable will be supplied by the Company, however up to 25% will come from the Crowd Funding raise. No real estate will be purchased as the property it sits on is under a 50-year lease and part of the 12,000 acres of private and State land to be used for training and just “Riding the West".

The Stable

Stable model.jpg

Currently under construction

The Ranch Horse

The number of described “Ranch Horses” today is very large, however the real number of true Ranch Horses is most likely much smaller.

A true Ranch Horse is a product of, and an invaluable part of, an actual Cattle Ranch. They are of time-honored proven genetics and have followed their mothers all summer on range and some of those ranges such as the Horses of the Yellowstone is very rugged. These colts learn from their mothers how to move through Big Horn Sheep country without injury or death and do it fast. You can not learn those life lessons by growing up in a paddock or little flat pasture. These colts run on big, rugged range until they go under saddle at usually 3 years old. A 2-year-old usually does not have the maturity and toughness to handle the terrain and demands of ranch life. Once under saddle these young Ranch Horses are expected and do the impossible. They are with us every day, sorting, herding, checking, and doctoring cattle. They pack fence supplies or sometimes drag posts and wire up a canyon side. We have pulled calves from spooky heifers that would not lay down to calve. If we see a nose and both legs, we have trotted and one time loped alongside of the heifer to put a small rope on the legs and pulled the calf without roping the cow or getting off the saddle. This is not a regular occurrence however we have done it several times. Usually, they mother up which is a big bonus. A Cutter or Reiner could not do it, but a Ranch Horse can. If you want a Cutter or Reiner start with a Ranch Horse first and the end result will be a horse with a much deeper understanding of the task. The Ranch Horses of yesterday would rope and drag calves, cut out the calves in the corral, pull a buggy when two youngsters were courting and pack a bull elk out of the mountains.

A true Ranch Horse is a full partner with his rancher to produce range cattle. His bloodline was not developed on how his ancestors performed in an arena but rather how they proved their worth under the extreme chaos of handling cattle on the uncontrolled range. He keeps his wits, and his demeanor and soothes and calms the herd so the rancher can maintain control over unconstrained cattle. A true Ranch Horse is a horse with a deep proven foundation that will excel in any direction his rider wants to pursue: As a trail horse he knows how to move and is rock solid steadfast. As a Performance Arena Horse, he has no equal in that he has the life lessons as a baby with his mother through his life as a Ranch Horse to deal with any pressure and chaos you can throw at him.

The demand for Ranch Horses is immense and the availability is very limited. Horses of the Yellowstone  produces finished Ranch Horses for sale however this was only possible after the decision was made to reduce our cow herd size in order to dedicate more time to the horses. It was the correct decision because of the generations devoted to the development of the Horses of the Yellowstone, Ranch Horse bloodline.

Colts scratching.jpeg

Just Riding the West

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